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FPS Fruit & Nut Tree Cultivars - Rootstock

Rtstock Cultivar Type Seed Req Chill 
X Lovell Peach Rootstock Seeds Collected 850
X Flordaguard Peach Rootstock Seeds Collected 300
X Myrobalan Plum Rootstock Seeds Collected
X Nickels Peach/Almond Hybrid
X Shilo™ Mahaleb Cherry Rootstock
X Performer™ Mahaleb Cherry Rootstock
X Compact™ Mahaleb Cherry Rootstock
X * Controller 5 Peach/Plum Hybrid
X Controller 9 Peach/Plum Hybrid
X GF 305 Peach Rootstock
X Citation Peach/Plum Hybrid
X * Krymsk® 6 Cherry Rootstock
X * Krymsk® 86 Peach/Plum Hybrid
X * Krymsk® 1 Plum Rootstock
X Colt Cherry Rootstock
X * Controller 7 Peach Rootstock
X * Controller 8 Peach Rootstock
X * Controller 9.5 Peach Rootstock
X * Controller 6 Peach Rootstock
X Viking Misc. Prunus Species
X * Gisela 3 Cherry Rootstock
X * Gisela 6 Cherry Rootstock
X * Gisela 12 Cherry Rootstock
X * Krymsk® 7 Cherry Rootstock
X * Krymsk® 99 Misc. Prunus Species
X Brokforest Cherry Rootstock
X * Gisela 13 Cherry Rootstock
X * Gisela 17 Cherry Rootstock
X Bailey Peach Rootstock
X * Corette 2 Cherry Rootstock
X * Corette 3 Cherry Rootstock
X * Corette 4 Cherry Rootstock
X Atlas Peach/Almond Hybrid
X FXA Peach/Almond Hybrid
X M-30 Plum Rootstock
X M-40 Plum Rootstock
X * M-58 Plum Rootstock
X Mahaleb Cherry Rootstock Seeds Collected
X Marianna 2624 Plum Rootstock
X Mazzard (saylor) Cherry Rootstock Seeds Collected
X Mazzard (silverbark) Cherry Rootstock Seeds Collected
X Myrobalan 29C Plum Rootstock
X Nemaguard Peach Rootstock Seeds Collected
X Nemared Peach Rootstock Seeds Collected
X Stockton Morello Cherry Rootstock
X Hansen 2168 Peach/Almond Hybrid
X Hansen 536 Peach/Almond Hybrid

* = Patented cultivar; can only be supplied upon receipt of written permission from patent holder