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FPS Fruit & Nut Tree Cultivars - In Progress

Rtstock Cultivar Type Relative Harvest Weeks Req Chill 
[In Progress] Reliance Peach -3   Elberta  1050
[In Progress] Contender Peach -1   Elberta  1050
[In Progress] Redhaven Peach -3   Elberta  950
[In Progress] Ranger Peach -3   Elberta  900
[In Progress] Red Gold Nectarine -1   Elberta  850
[In Progress] Sun Glo Nectarine -3   Elberta  850
[In Progress] Rio Oso Gem Peach +1   Elberta  850
[In Progress] Julyprince Peach -1   Elberta  850
[In Progress] Bounty Peach -2   Elberta  800
[In Progress] P.F. 17 Peach -1   Elberta  800
[In Progress] J. H. Hale Peach   Elberta  800
[In Progress] Redtop Peach -3   Elberta  800
[In Progress] Harglow Apricot -1   Blenheim  800
[In Progress] Lambert Cherry +1   Bing  800
[In Progress] Hedelfingen Cherry +2   Bing  800
[In Progress] Sunburst Cherry +1   Bing  800
[In Progress] Stanley Plum/prune +8   Santa Rosa  800
[In Progress] Italian Plum/prune +8   Santa Rosa  800
[In Progress] P.F. 24-007 Peach Zero   Elberta  750
[In Progress] Indian Blood Peach Zero   Elberta  750
[In Progress] Harvester Peach -3   Elberta  750
[In Progress] Frost Peach -2   Elberta  700
[In Progress] Fortyniner Peach   Elberta  700
[In Progress] Indian Free Peach +4   Elberta  700
[In Progress] Harcot Apricot -1   Blenheim  700
[In Progress] Black Tartarian Cherry -2   Bing  700
[In Progress] Wenatchee Moorpark Apricot +1   Blenheim  700
[In Progress] P.F. 23 Peach Zero   Elberta  650
[In Progress] Damson Plum/prune +7   Santa Rosa  650
[In Progress] Le Grand Nectarine -7   Elberta  650
[In Progress] P.F. 20-007 Peach -1   Elberta  600
[In Progress] Lapins Cherry +2   Bing  500
[In Progress] Simka Plum/prune +3   Santa Rosa  500
[In Progress] Wickson Plum/prune +3   Santa Rosa  500
[In Progress] English Morello Cherry +3   Bing  450
[In Progress] Ume Koume Apricot -5   Blenheim  400
[In Progress] Tulare Cherry -1   Bing  400
[In Progress] Goldmine Nectarine +1   Elberta  400
[In Progress] Blackamber Plum/prune +1   Santa Rosa  400
[In Progress] Santa Rosa Plum/prune Zero   Santa Rosa  300
[In Progress] Saturn Peach -2   Elberta  300
[In Progress] Red Baron Peach -1   Elberta  300
[In Progress] Katy Apricot -3   Blenheim  300
[In Progress] All-In-One Almond Zero   Nonpareil  300
[In Progress] Ume Shiro-Kaga Apricot   Blenheim  250
[In Progress] Snow Queen Nectarine -1   Elberta  250
[In Progress] Bonita Peach   Elberta  250
[In Progress] Tropic Snow Peach -4   Elberta  200
[In Progress] * FlavrBurst Peach   Elberta 
[In Progress] * Nectafest Nectarine   Elberta 
[In Progress] * 4050-5 Nectarine   Elberta 
[In Progress] Arctic Fantasy Nectarine   Elberta 
[In Progress] Red Sunset (Gen. Dwarf) Nectarine   Elberta 
[In Progress] Southern Belle (Gen. Dwarf) Nectarine   Elberta 
[In Progress] FA 47 Peach -4   Elberta 
X [In Progress] * Gradziel Ultra Early #1 Peach   Elberta 
[In Progress] Sierra Lady Peach +2   Elberta 
[In Progress] Bonanza (Gen. Dwarf) Peach   Elberta 
[In Progress] Empress (Gen. Dwarf) Peach   Elberta 
[In Progress] Golden Glory (Gen. Dwarf) Peach   Elberta 
[In Progress] Southern Flame (Gen. Dwarf) Peach   Elberta 
[In Progress] Southern Rose (Gen. Dwarf) Peach   Elberta 
[In Progress] * C002M89 Peach   Elberta 
[In Progress] * Ogawa Peach   Elberta 
[In Progress] * SummerFest Peach   Elberta 
[In Progress] P.F. 25 Peach Zero   Elberta 
[In Progress] FA 12 Peach -2   Elberta 
[In Progress] FA 52 Peach -3   Elberta 
[In Progress] FA 102 Peach -4   Elberta 
[In Progress] FA 18 Peach -1   Elberta 
[In Progress] September Henry Peach   Elberta 
[In Progress] Earligrande Peach   Elberta 
[In Progress] Feicheng Tao Peach   Elberta 
[In Progress] Flordaprince Peach   Elberta 
[In Progress] La Feliciana Peach   Elberta 
[In Progress] Long Beach Peach   Elberta 
[In Progress] Peachy Keen Peach   Elberta 
[In Progress] Polly Peach   Elberta 
[In Progress] Rio Grande Peach   Elberta 
[In Progress] Santa Barbara Peach   Elberta 
[In Progress] Tropi-Berta Peach   Elberta 
[In Progress] WSU- Late Plum Plum/prune   Santa Rosa 
X [In Progress] Methley Plum/prune   Santa Rosa 
[In Progress] * Honeysweet Plum/prune   Santa Rosa 
X [In Progress] Redleaf Lovell Peach Rootstock    
X [In Progress] Atlas Peach/Almond Hybrid    
X [In Progress] * A27I Peach/Almond Hybrid    
X [In Progress] FXA Peach/Almond Hybrid    
X [In Progress] St. Julian Plum Rootstock    
X [In Progress] Prunus americana Plum Rootstock    
[In Progress] Vanier Plum/prune +9   Santa Rosa 
[In Progress] P.F. 15A Peach -2   Elberta 
[In Progress] Goldrich Apricot Zero   Blenheim 
[In Progress] Apache Apricot -3   Blenheim 
X [In Progress] Haggith Apricot +4   Blenheim 
X [In Progress] * US1-2021 Apricot   Blenheim 
X [In Progress] * US2-2021 Apricot   Blenheim 
[In Progress] Autumn Royal Apricot   Blenheim 
[In Progress] Chinese Apricot   Blenheim 
[In Progress] Golden Amber Apricot   Blenheim 
[In Progress] Montrose Apricot   Blenheim 
[In Progress] Tropic Gold Apricot   Blenheim 
[In Progress] * Yorizane Almond   Nonpareil 
[In Progress] * Gradziel 4.8-160 Almond   Nonpareil 
[In Progress] * A25I Almond   Nonpareil 
[In Progress] Lyons Cherry   Bing 
[In Progress] Schmidt Cherry -1   Bing 
[In Progress] Robada Apricot -4   Blenheim 
[In Progress] Sam Cherry -1   Bing 
[In Progress] Crisobalina Cherry   Bing 
[In Progress] Mona Cherry   Bing 
[In Progress] PC 7144-6 Cherry   Bing 
X [In Progress] * Corette 1 Cherry Rootstock    
X [In Progress] * Gisela 17 Cherry Rootstock    
[In Progress] Black Republican Cherry   Bing 
[In Progress] Hudson Cherry +3   Bing 
X [In Progress] * E 13 Misc. Prunus Species    
[In Progress] Craig's Crimson Cherry   Bing 
[In Progress] Gold Cherry   Bing 
[In Progress] Ridgewood Cherry Cherry   Bing 
[In Progress] Sanita Cherry   Bing 
[In Progress] Sandra Rose Cherry   Bing 
[In Progress] Symphony Cherry   Bing 
[In Progress] Skeena Cherry +2   Bing 
[In Progress] Sumnue Cherry -1   Bing 
[In Progress] NY 38L Cherry -1   Bing 
[In Progress] Sonnet Cherry Zero   Bing 
[In Progress] Santina Cherry -1   Bing 
[In Progress] NY 8139 Cherry -1   Bing 
[In Progress] Kordia Cherry +1   Bing 
[In Progress] PC 7222-1 Cherry -1   Bing 
[In Progress] El Dorado Plum/prune +2   Santa Rosa 
[In Progress] Ambra Plum/prune -2   Santa Rosa 
[In Progress] Polly Plum/prune +9   Santa Rosa 
[In Progress] Bluefre Plum/prune +8   Santa Rosa 
[In Progress] Longjohn Plum/prune +8   Santa Rosa 
[In Progress] Empress Plum/prune +8   Santa Rosa 
[In Progress] Early Golden Plum/prune -2   Santa Rosa 
[In Progress] Autumn Rosa Plum/prune   Santa Rosa 
[In Progress] Golden Nectar Plum/prune   Santa Rosa 
[In Progress] Persian Green Plum/prune   Santa Rosa 
[In Progress] Dapple Dandy Plumcot    
[In Progress] Flavor Queen Plumcot    
[In Progress] Flavor Supreme Plumcot    
[In Progress] Peggy Clarke Flowering Apricot    
[In Progress] * Sutter Plum/prune +8   Santa Rosa 
[In Progress] Moyer Plum/prune +10   Santa Rosa 
[In Progress] Bluebyrd Plum/prune +8   Santa Rosa 
[In Progress] Black Ruby Plum/prune +1   Santa Rosa 
[In Progress] Red Delicious Apple    
[In Progress] Golden Delicious Apple    
[In Progress] Lord Lambourne Apple    
[In Progress] * 1151 Cherry   Bing 
[In Progress] * 6111 Cherry   Bing 
[In Progress] * F051 Cherry   Bing 
[In Progress] * Poisdel Cherry   Bing 
[In Progress] * Timberline Cherry   Bing 
[In Progress] * Rootpac 20 Misc. Prunus Species    
[In Progress] * US3-2021 Nectarine   Elberta 
[In Progress] * US4-2021 Nectarine   Elberta 
[In Progress] * US5-2021 Nectarine   Elberta 
[In Progress] * US6-2021 Nectarine   Elberta 
[In Progress] * US7-2021 Nectarine   Elberta 
[In Progress] * US8-2021 Nectarine   Elberta 
[In Progress] * US9-2021 Nectarine   Elberta 
[In Progress] * US10-2021 Nectarine   Elberta 
[In Progress] * US11-2021 Nectarine   Elberta 
[In Progress] * US12-2021 Nectarine   Elberta 
[In Progress] * E 12 Misc. Prunus Species    
[In Progress] * EC 13 Cherry   Bing 
[In Progress] * A26I Almond   Nonpareil 
[In Progress] * Gradziel 4.8-201 Almond   Nonpareil 
[In Progress] * Gradziel 1-16 Almond   Nonpareil 
[In Progress] * Gradziel 7-159 Almond   Nonpareil 
[In Progress] * Gradziel 18-20 Almond   Nonpareil 
[In Progress] * Soleta Almond   Nonpareil 
[In Progress] * Y117-91-03 Almond   Nonpareil 
[In Progress] * Y121-42-99 Almond   Nonpareil 
[In Progress] * M252726 Peach   Elberta 
[In Progress] * M26252 Peach   Elberta 
[In Progress] * M26524 Peach   Elberta 
[In Progress] * M2699 Peach   Elberta 
[In Progress] * M261025 Peach   Elberta 
[In Progress] * M147513 Peach   Elberta 
[In Progress] * US13-2021 Peach   Elberta 
[In Progress] * Gradziel 10-21-450 Peach   Elberta 
[In Progress] * Gradziel 11-23-81 Peach   Elberta 
[In Progress] * 5661-20 Nectarine   Elberta 
[In Progress] Panamint Nectarine   Elberta 

* = Patented cultivar; can only be supplied upon receipt of written permission from patent holder