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International Orders

Foundation Plant Services values our international collaborators and clients tremendously. They have contributed immeasurably to our mission since our inception in the 1950s. And we look forward to continuing to work with global stakeholders in the years to come.

We have made every effort over the decades to insure access to our collection for the international community. Recently, there have been dramatic changes in the management of phytosanitary requirements for exports to the majority of countries around the world. Essentially, regulators are searching disease databases for each crop that might be imported, and requiring imports from countries of origin to be certified free of all known pathogens which cause disease, regardless of whether that pathogen is already present in the destination country. Many of the pathogens listed are ubiquitous in all areas of the world where the crop is grown and there in no practical way to provide assurance of exclusion. For much of the world, this has made it impossible for our US Federal regulators to provide us with the documentation we need to ship our plant material overseas.

As a result, we have changed our sales policies to limit our shipments to destinations within the United States.