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FPS Policies for International Orders

Acceptance of international orders by Foundation Plant Services (FPS) is based on the capacity and availability of staff to administer an export program, and FPS reserves the right to refuse any requests for international shipping.

FPS receives a majority of its operational budget from state (California) and federal (USDA-APHIS) funds. The priority of FPS is to distribute virus-tested, professionally identified grape, fruit, and nut tree propagation stock to domestic (US) customers. Acknowledging that FPS services and plant materials are also desired in international commerce, FPS does not refuse to export plant materials, but must impose limitations on the service due to logistical demands and constraints.

International Order Fee

For shipment of plant materials that are to be exported from the US, FPS facilitates the issuance of phytosanitary certificates and is asked to provide specialized documents to certify the shipment. The process for securing or drafting these documents is effort and time intensive. FPS requests that customers seeking international shipment of plant materials provide their import permit and additional declarations, in English, to FPS at least three (3) months prior to the desired ship date. Securing the necessary documentation for international shipments could take as long as two (2) growing seasons to accommodate requirements for in-season testing.

FPS makes no guarantee that any plant material is eligible for export and will not undertake any testing outside of that typically performed by FPS.

International order fee: $4,000 base rate, plus $1,500 for each selection to be shipped.

  • Phytosanitary certificates
  • Standard FPS Testing Panel
  • Pesticide or hot water treatment, if required
Does not include:
  • Material shipping costs
  • Non-standard pathogen testing


All orders are shipped F.O.B. Davis, California. Buyer agrees to pay all costs of transportation and assumes all risk of loss during shipment.

For all orders that are shipped to customers, shipping and handling fees of 15% of material are added to the order.

Advance Payment Required

Advance payment via wire transfer is required on all international orders. FPS will provide an invoice and wire transfer instructions.

Material Allocation Policy

FPS plant materials are allocated among all orders received and confirmed before deadlines described above each year. Orders are considered confirmed upon receipt of an original signed order form. In the event requests for materials exceed the available supply, materials are allocated according to an established priority system prioritizing CDFA Registered and Certified Nurseries. Any remaining materials are sold on a first-come, first-served basis to customers submitting orders after the deadline.

Policy on Cancellations and Changes to Orders

Because FPS materials are custom collected and prepared for each customer, cancellations are not accepted once material has been collected. Additions to orders will receive allocation priority according to the date they were added. FPS reserves the right to bill for materials that are cancelled once they have been collected or prepared.

Updated July 1, 2023