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Commercial Grapevine Nurseries

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The commercial nurseries on this site sell grape plant material for wine, table, juice, jelly, raisin, and rootstock purposes.  You will see that the listed nursery sources are generally equipped to handle large orders (hundreds or thousands of vines) on a wholesale basis to growers or other commercial interests.  Certain outlets require the purchase of a minimum number of vines.  Please be advised that our nurseries welcome everyone to explore their websites but do not sell finished plants to the general public.  Information for the retail purchase of grapevine materials may be obtained through local retail nursery outlets.


This page contains the links that will take you to the contact information for each source of grapevine material.  You can see all the nurseries located within a particular state by clicking on the state abbreviation located after the name of any individual nursery.  You can access a particular nursery by either clicking on the first initial of the name of the desired nursery (above) or by clicking on the actual name of the source (below).  Each business is responsible for the content of its own link, and this website makes no representation as to the accuracy of information presented there.

On the link for each source, you will find information on how to contact the nursery and order the plant material and a description of what grape products are offered. Any commercial nursery that wishes to be added to this website should contact the website coordinator, Nancy Sweet, at (530) 752-8646 or

Directory of Commercial Grape Nurseries

   Advanced Vineyard Systems, Inc. (OR)
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   Bailey Nurseries, Inc. (MN)
   Bottom's Nursery (GA)
   Brigadoon Vineyards (OR)
   Broadacres Nursery (OR)
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   Cal-Western Nurseries (CA)
   Casa Cristal Nursery, Inc. (CA)
   Cloud Mountain Farm (WA)
   Concord Nurseries, Inc.- Foster Grapevines (NY)
   Cornerstone Certified Vineyard (CA)
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   Davis Viticultural Research (IL)
   Dempel Grapevine Nursery (CA)
   DNE Nursery (CA)
   Double A Vineyards (NY)
   Dr. Konstantin Frank Nursery (NY)
   Duarte Nursery, Inc. (CA)
   Duplin Nursery (NC)
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   Edible Landscaping (VA)
   Emerald Leaf U.S., Inc. (WA)
   Eusinus Vineyard (CA)
     top of page
   Falconer Vineyards (MN)
   Far-Western Nurseries (CA)
   Flatwoods Fruit Farm (FLA)
   French Camp Vineyards (CA)
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   Grafted Grapevine Nursery, LLC (NY)
   Great River Vineyard & Nursery (MN)
   Grey Creek Viticultural Services Inc. (CA)
   Guillaume Grapevine Nursery, Inc. (CA)
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   Hart 2 Hart Vineyards (CA)
   Herrick Grapevines (CA)
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   Inland Desert Nursery (WA)
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   Jaguar Gardens (CA)
     top of page
   KLM Ranches (CA)
   Kloer Vineyards (CA)
   Knights Grapevine Nursery (CA)
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   L.E. Cooke Company (CA)
   Lincoln Peak Vineyard LLC (VT)
   Lon Rombough (OR)
     top of page
   Martinez Orchards, Inc. (CA)
   Mercier California, LLC (CA)
   Meyer Nursery & Orchards, Inc. (OR)
   Miller Nurseries (NY)
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   Northeastern Vine Supply (VT)
   Northwoods Nursery, Inc. (OR)
   Novavine, Inc. (CA)
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   Pense Nursery, Inc. (AR)
   Post Vineyards & Winery (AR)
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   Richard's Grove & Saralee's Vyd. Inc. (CA)
   Ripley County Farms, LLC (Missouri)
   RSI Growers (Arizona)
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   Satiety Foods (CA)
   St. Francois Vineyards & Nursery (MO)
   Sunridge Nurseries, Inc. (CA)
   Sutter Home Vineyards (CA)
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   Tecuya Tree & Vine (CA)
   Turnbull Nursery, Inc. (NY)
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   Vintage Nurseries, LLC (CA)
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   Walla Walla Community College (WA)
   Westridge Vineyards (CA)
   Winterhaven Vineyard & Nursery (MN)
   Witness Tree Vineyard (OR)
   Womack's Nursery (TX)
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   Yuba R&V (CA)
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   Zuckerman-Heritage, Inc. (CA)